K Laser

We have a therapeutic K Laser, (a class IV laser) which is a wonderful addition to treatments of inflammatory conditions.

The use of this pain-free tool has greatly helped with the recovery of orthopedic surgeries, infections, sprains back problems and arthritis. The treatment involves 4 to 6 visits that last about 5-20 minutes. We use a probe that emits non-visible light waves through the injured tissue, which promotes blood flow.  In turn, this increases the oxygenation of the injured tissue and promotes removal of harmful byproducts. We welcome our patient’s owner to participate. This helps your pet feel more comfortable during this short, painless procedure

This treatment modality has been approved by the FDA as a viable treatment for a variety of inflammatory conditions. Please give us a call about the treatment. We would be happy to talk with you.

Watch this video for more information.


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